down your high street

eCommerce website for innovative online marketplace

the client

Down Your High Street (DYHS) has a simple mission – to help independent high street shops and boutiques compete in the online world. To achieve this, the team at DYHS has developed a portal where customers can shop from independent retailers, making traditionally non-digital companies accessible to the many.
Having made good strides in their first 3 years, DYHS nonetheless acknowledged that the dated design and functionality of their existing Magento website was beginning to hold them back. It was at this point DYHS approached us, keen to tap into our decade-long track record in building bespoke ecommerce websites.

The Challenge

  • Mobile-friendliness a must. With an already-high proportion of mobile visitors, DYHS were keen that the new website was built with mobile users’ needs uppermost.
  • Easy for retailers to use. DYHS is designed to be a self-serve platform, with retailers uploading their own products to the website. Knowing that some of their retailers are less-than-confident around new technology, DYHS task us with building a Content Management System (CMS) that was a cinch to use.
  • Work for a massive variety of products. DYHS’s retailers sell a bewildering variety of products – everything from fishnets to fish tanks. We needed to come up with designs and an information architecture that could handle the breadth of products sold.
  • Make it scalable. DYHS has a target of recruiting 9,000 shops and having 900,000 products on the platform by 2020. With such ambitious plans, we needed to provide DYHS with a website which could scale at pace.

the solution

We have delivered DYHS a highly-scalable, ecommerce marketplace. Key features include;

  • Fully responsive. DYHS is built using responsive design principles. This means that the website adapts seamlessly to the size of the device it is viewed upon.
  • Bespoke Content Management System (CMS). We built a brand new Content Management System so that it can be used by all DYHS’s retailers – irrespective of their level of technical ability.
  • Speedy Image Delivery. Not all retailers uploading images to the website know how to optimise them so that they don’t slow a webpage down. To overcome this, we have utilised Microsoft Azure’s quirkily titled Blob Storage to deliver images at super-quick speed.
  • Saving retailers time. Rather than enter their products one-by-one, retailers can choose to upload all their product information at once via a spreadsheet or Google Product Feed.
  • Facilitating Fast Payments. Retailers signing up to DYHS receive payment for goods sold within 48 hours –  far quicker than is the case with many online marketplaces. To make this happen, we built a complex integration with DYHS’s chosen payment gateway provider Adyen.
  • App-ready. DYHS have plans to build an app to complement the new website. So that they can launch this quickly, we have built them an API which will can easily be ‘hooked-up’ to the new app and provide it with all the product data.

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