do you still need to be creative?

WordPress themes; do you still need to be creative?

So what’s a WordPress theme?

Think of a WordPress theme as a pre-built framework that controls all of your websites frontend style and layout. More often than not it will also add additional features to the standard WordPress backend interface to make updating and customising your website more intuitive.

Generally speaking, most WP themes let you change;

  • the overall style
  • fonts
  • colours
  • page layouts
  • blog post layouts
  • additional feature widget locations
  • responsive styling
  • and much, much more

All themes come with different designs, layouts and functionality as standard so it’s important to choose wisely. A bad choice at this stage and you may end up manipulating the theme so much you’d be better off developing it yourself from scratch.

Why we use themes and how you benefit

The main reason we use themes is speed. Pure and simple. This helps us deliver your project quicker and helps you keep control of the budget.

As an agency, we can, and do, build complex websites when the project warrants it. However, in a lot of cases, the build doesn’t need to be complex, hence we use a tried and tested framework that we know is robust and works very well. This way, we can focus our time and your money, on crafting beautiful sites.

This helps us deliver your project quicker and helps you keep control of the budget

Being creative in more ways than one

So with an abundance of great themes out there and some self-education, you could get yourself a great looking website. A massive caveat to that though is not everyone is creative, otherwise, agencies like us wouldn’t exist. As a digital agency, we’ve got combined experience within our management team alone of over sixty years. Take into account the developers, sales and office staff, we can boast over a hundred years of experience. The upshot of all that knowledge is we know how to be creative in more ways than one, saving you time and money.

If you’re looking to partner with an agency, check out their history and credentials too. Don’t just get caught up with the nice stock images and clever marketing phrases. Our advice is to find a company that you resonate with, figure out if they’ve helped people like you in the past and be realistic about your expectations so they can find creative solutions to your project.

Style is subjective, usability is not

A final note on themes. The real power of a robust framework is the customer journey, the user experience (UX). If the skeleton of your site functions really badly and it’s turning customers away through bad experiences, then no matter how you pimp up the exterior, it will be a waste of your time and money.


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