black friday

The biggest shopping weekend of the year

We have welcomed in the Christmas season with a mad weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Shopify stores collectively made over $1 billion USD over the BFCM weekend. With over 500,000 Shopify merchants, it’s a fast-growing community that is making commerce more accessible to everyone.

At the height of the weekend-long sales event, Shopify merchants were processing $1,138,574 per minute in sales compared to the $555,716 per minute peak in 2016.

Team Shopify

If you are yet to tackle the BFCM sales or even start your e-commerce presence, Shopify offers a fully customisable online store, multiple sales channels, product integrations and much more. bluebox and Shopify are the ideal partners in crime and can offer you non-complex solutions alongside a wealth of knowledge so that big weekends like this aren’t so daunting.

We can maximise everything that Shopify has to offer using our knowledge, from user-friendly themes that make browsing a breeze and incorporating a large variety of sales channels to help you sell on all corners of the web.

From the data analysis by Shopify, mobile online shopping overtook desktop by a long way and email had the biggest conversion rate. bluebox understands maximizing mobile-friendly sites and you can even manage your own store on your smartphone; processing orders, managing products and responding to queries is made simple. Shopify has everything you need to make it easy to create a responsive design that is perfect for on-the-go customers. Stay connected with your audience by reaching out to them via channels such as Pintrest, Facebook and Amazon; we can help you stay on top of the game.

You won’t be left alone to fight this e-commerce battle, we can work together to build the foundations of a strong web store that suits your business needs and support you as grow.

Head over to If Shopify is so slick, why do I need an agency to help build my shop? to find out more about why bluebox can help you.


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