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So how does the Shopify 24/7 support actually work?

First and foremost, just to clarify, when we partner with a client we offer various Service Level Agreement (SLA) options. Hence, each clients’ relationship with us and Shopify will vary. In general, we have three types of support you can rely on post-launch.

1. Front end supported by us

As your digital partner, we support all the front end work that we’ve crafted in order to make your store look as good as it does. During the build phase, you would have commissioned us to style your online store to your brand. Any design, framework customisation, in general, any customer facing assets that we’ve been involved with, we will support if any issues arise post-launch.

Our clients have an SLA so we can fix any snags – the retainer is used for more proactive development to help growth

Being transparent, most projects do have post-launch issues, some small, some not so small, it’s the nature of the digital world. This is why we always encourage our clients to have an SLA and a retainer so we can fix any snags as well as use the retainer for more proactive development.

2. Back end support by Shopify

Shopify has one of the best support services that we’ve used. Their customer centric ethos is obvious when it comes to problem-solving. They offer a truly 24/7 support network providing useful tools that will help you.

They have a dedicated help centre with tonnes of articles and ebooks if you want to find the solution yourself. A more visual extension of this is their library of video tutorials and live webinars that you can jump in and out of.

Alternatively, you can use the multiple options to contact them directly. You can:

  • Open a support ticket
  • Use the chat widget to talk directly to an in-house Shopify guru
  • Send them an email
  • Call them
  • Send a tweet

3. 3rd party app support

On occasion, we use 3rd party apps. This makes good commercial sense for you and us. We could build it from the ground up on an hourly rate but commercially that’s not good for you. If it already exists we can pass this saving onto you making your project more cost effective.

We’ll always be transparent and let you know if we’ve used a 3rd party app. Any post-launch issues you can deal directly with the developers or we’d be happy to communicate with them on your behalf.


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