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See how Shopify can help grow your startup business

Start-up business costs

Most start-up businesses have great intentions, big ideas and a great optimism about the success of their online store. While this is true in a lot of cases, one thing that is true in all cases is budget forecasting. Forecast being the optimum word. By nature, a forecast is a predictive, educated guess based either on personal experience or ‘finger in the air’ stuff based on Google research.

The biggest challenge we’ve seen when dealing with clients is, underestimating the cost/time it takes to launch a new site. Or on the flip side, they over forecast and talk themselves out of having the best they can afford.

Be realistic about your budget, and we can work together to deliver a professional, functional online store to fit your budget.  Full ambition can come later when you re-invest in growth.

Save if you can but don’t cut corners

Any start-up business must save where they can, especially if they’re bootstrapping their own venture. One of the great cost saving benefits of using Shopify is the fact it’s truly scalable. It can expand when you grow, meaning you can commit to as little as $29 per month. This will give you a great, robust e-commerce platform to build on.

Being brutal you could save more money and build your store yourself.

Being brutal you could save more money and build your store yourself. You may have tried this already and now you’re reaching out to a design partner like us. Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend this as a long term strategy, after all, you know the foundations of your house are concrete, which is mixed with sand and water; but that doesn’t mean you’re qualified to build those foundations. And more importantly, try building on shoddy foundations and your home will fall down, regardless of how good it is!

Re-invest in growth

The beauty of Shopify’s flexible pricing structure is the ability to grow. Yes, you’ve made the commitment to start your online store, and commission an agency like us as your build and development partner but it doesn’t end there. Far from it; as soon as you see some early success, it’s critical that you re-invest in your business.

If you have a bricks and mortar store and you need to expand, you’d consider opening another shop, or rearranging to gain more retail floor space. An online store is no different. As soon as you see the growth indicators, look for opportunities to grow. These opportunities may be to expand your product lines, offer international shipping, or explore more sales channels.

In nature when things are not growing, they’re dying.

Make sure your store grows, don’t let it wilt away to nothing.


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