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Why you should never use admin as your user name

Is User Name an easy target?

The word ‘admin’ is one of the most common default usernames given to new user accounts. It is simple and easy to remember, therefore users are more likely to keep it. You’ve got a password, so using admin is safe right?
As a consequence of ‘Admin’ being one of the most popular usernames, hackers will find it a walk in the park to get through to your site if you keep it.

It’s all about making a series of characters that will be difficult to guess.

Make it hard to predict

We advise that you choose your own completely new username with combinations of letters, numbers and special characters to make it difficult to predict. Additionally, it goes without saying that your passwords should also have this element of complexity to make any potential hacking attempts less likely to work. It’s all about making a series of characters that will be difficult to guess.

You should avoid using sequences such as ‘123’ or ‘qwerty’ as this is too easy to work out; mix up your numbers and use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters too. There are password generators out there that will help you create one if you’re stuck. Similarly, if you are concerned about remembering your information, there are a variety of secure log-in management systems that can help you out too.

If you are using an apple device, icloud keychain will be able to support you with log in information. You can allow keychain to keep all usernames, passwords and other important information across all your devices. This is makes it much easier to remember all those complicated passwords and usernames whilst still keeping everything secure.

Extra Measures

Lastly, you can get various plug-ins which block a user after a specified number of incorrect log-in attempts. Likewise, backing up all information on your site and doing this regularly will help in the future. If a hacking attempt was successful you will have all the content saved within the backup files to restore it.




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