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Did you know Shopify is also a full blogging platform?

Tell your story and they will listen

E-commerce and content marketing go hand in hand when it comes to selling. By telling a story you won’t sell products, you’ll give customers reasons to buy, there is a massive difference. Albeit, this fundamental difference is often overlooked.

With a plethora of shops out there listing great products, but with no personalisation, back story or emotion behind the brand customers are turned off and not interested. They will simply buy from your competitor who engages with them better than you do.

In a very crowded online marketplace, content is king. What better way to engage with prospects than on your very own website, after all, this is your shop window. Fresh, relevant content written in your own tone of voice, with passion and conviction on your own blog is a great place to tell a story.

Fresh, relevant content written in your own tone of voice, with passion and conviction

Powerful and easy to use

Shopify has a powerful, built-in, easy to use blogging interface, yet another example of their attention to detail. They’ve recognised when you invest in an online store, there’s so much more than just listing a few products. To be honest, so many people are creating pop-up online shops the internet is awash with shops that really don’t stand a chance. They sit out there in obscurity, in the virtual wilderness never to be found by potential customers.

In their own words:

Shopify helps you use your blog intelligently to build practical, valuable and shareable content that builds your business and strengthens your brand.

Make sure your online shop is a destination not just a list of products. Sell the dream, get emotive and engage with your audience.


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