facebook messenger shopping

Did you know you can sell in Facebook Messenger?

Shopify are on top of their game with dynamic ways to sell and communicate. They know how to keep you and your shop in touch with your customers. One of the newest additions is the ability to sell via Facebook messenger.

2 Billion Users

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is one of the biggest social networking services. Therefore, it is the perfect platform to buy, share and sell because of the vast user database. Shopify are right on board with this and gives you the power to communicate with your customers through Facebook messenger.

How can I use it?

Here you can offer customer support for products or general enquiries and allow quick, easy and manageable conversation. Additionally, you can allow customers to trace, track and stay updated on their orders through messenger. As a result of having it all in one place in a single thread, efficiency is improved and time is saved.



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