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Think differently – stand out from the crowd

WordPress is arguably the best and certainly the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform that’s widely available today. With roughly 24 posts per second and 27% of the entire internet attributed to WordPress, you know you’re in good company. However, with mass volume comes the compromise.

How can you stand out using such a mass market platform?

So to the obvious question; how can you stand out using such a mass market platform? Well, that comes down to creative thinking. If a group of people are given a sheet of paper and a pencil each and asked to draw a box they will all have drawn a box but none of them will be exactly the same. They will differ in size, shape and appearance. The same applies with WordPress, you are given the same tools as everyone else, but it will be down to your unique mind and abilities to make it standout.  By all means, use inspiration from other places, look at trends and analyse your audience but take into consideration your own personal skills and think about how they can make your website one of a kind.

There are millions of websites out there that are mostly drab, boring and uninspiring to be frank. Launched straight out of a box, no customisation and no thought about customer engagement. They will never inspire anyone to do anything other than leave, never to return. So what can you do to be different?

Be proactive 24/7 and engage with your audience

The world wide web never sleeps. So why should your website? Be ready to engage with your audience when they want to, not when you do. In the ever-changing world of online marketing and social engagement, you need to be ready and willing to pivot and act quickly to change. Something you can’t do if you’re tied into a clunky old system that can’t update as quickly as you want. Similarly, what can be even more frustrating is being locked into an agency who update your website for you, but only when they get round to it. That’s not being proactive, that’s business prevention. You should hang your head in shame if you don’t update your website to move with your industry trends.

Why do what others do after they’ve done it? Set the trends for your industry and become an authoritative voice on your specialist topic. Write articles and white papers highlighting your knowledge and expertise. These words, backed up with facts, will be your most powerful sales tools.

Find a strategy that works for you. If you can only write one day a week, then aim to write three articles, publish one that day, set the other two to draft and schedule their publish dates later on in the week. This automation ensures you keep on top of your game with minimal effort allowing you to be proactive in other areas of your business.

A free, global help desk is just a click away

So you’ve got your beautiful website, you know how to update it and add content, but what happens if you need answers to a challenge? Well, the power of the mass market comes back into play. If you type WordPress in YouTube you get 5.8million results. As long as you have the time to trawl the internet you will find most of the answers. With millions of videos, forums, tutorials and helpful bloggers out there, you won’t be stuck for long.

An agency that empowers you to break free

As your digital partner, bluebox will be on hand to help. We’ve various support agreements depending on your circumstance. Or alternatively, you may just want to commission us now and again to help advance your website. That’s fine too but first and foremost you will have all the tools you need to be self-reliant. If you’re time poor we can help with resources, if not, there’s a world of knowledge out there at your fingertips.


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